Step by step instructions to Start Pos business in Your Local in Nigeria 2021

Step by step instructions to Start Pos business in Your Local in Nigeria 2021

POS business in Nigeria is right now probably the most sizzling business to begin for the normal Nigerian. It is gradually assuming control over ATMs due to the simplicity and comfort it gives buyers. A POS business or versatile cash specialist makes cash accessible to individuals in return for a commission or charge through a POS machine.

In view of the shortage of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and the long lines individuals experience at ATMs. You would now be able to discover somebody maintaining a POS business wherever you turn in Nigeria.

In this aide, we will investigate POS business in Nigeria. Its normal difficulties and weaknesses, the expense of beginning a POS business in Nigeria, how beneficial and worthwhile it tends to be. Furthermore, in case it is something you ought to go into and the POS machine you can utilize and the Agent networks you can join.

What is POS business in Nigeria?

A POS (retail location) machine was made to make organizations, shippers and retailers gather installment for labor and products without the requirement for cash. In any case, from that point forward POS machines otherwise known as terminals are presently being utilized by banks in Nigeria and fintechs (monetary innovation organizations) to work on monetary consideration by carrying monetary administrations to the unbanked and underbanked populace in Nigeria.

So basically, you dont need to visit a bank to perform most monetary exchanges. You can do these exchanges at a POS community.

So individuals who didn’t have acess to banks or banking administrations would now be able to partake in these administrations as long as there is a POS business near them. Particularly for individuals in remote and country networks. This is the reason POS business is acquiring prevalence in immature and emerging countries.

Individuals who start a POS business in Nigeria are normally alluded to as POS specialists. POS specialists get cash from the commissions when they complete any approved monetary exchanges for the benefit of buyers

A POS business in Nigeria isn’t only for making installments and moves. You can utilize it for broadcast appointment re-energize, DSTV and GOTV installments and in any event, for making good on charge.

Administrations of a POS Business or Mobile Money Agent in Nigeria

A POS specialist business or a Mobile Money Agent in Nigeria can offer the accompanying administrations to individuals around where their business is found.

Open new financial balances

Store and Withdraw Money to and from any Bank

Send cash

Make Bill installments like power, Cable TV, broadcast appointment and expense installments.

Enlist for BVN (Bank Verification Number)

Is POS business beneficial in Nigeria?

By and large, beginning a POS business can be beneficial and rewarding. Particularly in the event that you as of now have one more business with an area that you are as of now running. As it diminishes the measure of capital you need to begin this business.

This is on the grounds that an ever increasing number of individuals are belittling POS place’s each day to do their monetary exchanges and avoid the pressure that banks give.

POS business is likewise beneficial in Nigeria on the grounds that a ton of remote spots have no bank offices, so POS specialists have turned into the true banks. Also, a POS specialist or business doesn’t need to do any promoting as they’re in the public eye and clients will consistently come to them for the simplicity they give.

POS specialists have now turned into a genuine option in contrast to going to the bank particularly for cash withdrawals and moves.

POS business in Nigeria doesn’t need such a lot of funding to begin and you can begin bringing in cash the day you dispatch the business. Simply ensure you have an awesome area. On normal a POS specialist in Nigeria can cause N7,000 to N10,000 day by day to relying upon their area and how they’ve fabricated trust with their clients particularly everyone around them.

How would you bring in cash from a POS business in Nigeria? You bring in cash from the commission you get from each client that comes to utilize your POS machine. Say assuming a client needs to pull out N5,000. You’ll charge N100 for the exchange and offer it with you POS Provider. You can accept N60 as your bonus while the bank of compqny takes N40.

What amount does it cost to begin a POS business in Nigeria?

There is no decent expense for beginning a POS business in Nigeria. The expense of beginning a POS business can rely upon on the off chance that you got an area (shop) or not. Then, at that point, it additionally relies upon in case you’re getting a POS machine for nothing or not.

The primary expense that you’ll need for beginning a POS business in Nigeria is the current cash you’ll have to make withdrawals conceivable. This can go from ₦250,000 to ₦150,000.

Various POS terminals have various specs like 2G, 3G and 4G just as different sorts of elements.

Rundown of POS Charges in Nigeria

Here is a rundown of organizations and banks that you can turn into a POS specialist of and their POS charges in Nigeria.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that this charges probably won’t be what you see when you visit your prefered portable cash specialist administration.



Payforce POS Charges

Store: N25

Withdrawals: (0-₦5000) = N30, (₦5,001-₦16,500) = 0.6%, (₦16,501-₦100,000) = N110, (₦100,001 or more) = 0.11%

Kudi POS Charges

Withdrawal: (underneath ₦4500) = ₦25, (₦4,501-₦25k): = 0.6%, (Above ₦25k) = ₦150

Move: ₦45

Paycentre POS Charges

For moves: (0 – ₦5,000) = ₦10.5, (₦5,001-₦50,000) = ₦26.25 , (₦50,000 and above)=₦50.00

Moniepoint POS Charges

Store: ₦12 Naira

Kashzoo POS Charges

₦10,001 to ₦20,000 are charged at ₦76, ₦20,001 to ₦40,000 are charged at ₦85, ₦40,001
Kolomoni POS Charges

0.5% for withdrawal from ₦1000 – ₦19900,

₦30 for Deposits 100 Naira level from 2000 Naira or more.

Where to Get POS Machines?

You can get POS machines just from banks and other monetary foundations in Nigeria.

A portion of the famous banks and monetary instititions to get a POS machine from in Nigeria are; GTBank.

Which POS Agent is the most incredible in Nigeria?

In the event that you plan to turn into a POS Agent in Nigeria, the absolute best organizations to consider dependent on cost and commision rates are:



Monie Point POS

Firstmonie POS

Kudi POS


Pay power


Pinnacle Bank versatile cash specialist

Access Bank CLOSA specialist

Quickteller Paypoint

Ecobank Xpress point

Baxi Box


Steps on How to Start a POS Business or Become a POS specialist in Nigeria

Here’s are the means you need to take to turn into a versatile cash specialist or start a POS business in Nigeria.

Decide the expense of beginning a POS business. The expense of beginning a POS business in Nigeria can be diferrent from one individual to another. In light of the various areas individuals stay in. The add up to lease a shop or space to begin this business in Lagos will be diverse for in a spot like Maiduguri. You’ll likewise have to realize which bank of organization you will join to for you to turn into a POS specialist. Do they offer free POS machines or you need to pay. Do their necessities involve any cost. You additionally need to consider how your shop will be. Do you require a safe? How are you going to get the shop. These are a portion of the what to consider to show up at the expense of statring this business.

Discover a Location. Since this will be an actual business that will require bunches of leg traffic to get an entirely appropriate. A reasonable area will be a spot that is thickly populated. It ought to be where a many individuals stay in and where there isnt simple acess to banks or heaps of ATMs.

Raise Your Capital. Not really set in stone your expense for beginning the business, you now the amount you need to begin. All that you require is to raise the capital and you’re generally en route to turning into a POS specialist.

Apply to turn into a POS Agent. Contingent upon the bank or monetary instituition, applying to turn into a POS specialist or for a POS machine may be out and out buy, rent or in any event, free of charge. Figure out which of them is reasonable for you dependent on their necessities, comissions and charges. You can apply for a POS machine on the web or go the bank or companys office. In any case, this cycle can take from 2 weeks to a month for everything to be set.

Advantages and Disadvantages of POS business in Nigeria

The advantages of POS business in Nigeria to both the entrepreneur and clients are:

It very well may be one more acceptable stream of pay for entrepreneurs

Gives simplicity and accommodation to individuals as they don’t need to go to the bank to make cash exchanges.

Advances monetary incorporation in the country.

Lessens openness to robbery, as individuals don’t need to convey such a lot of money around. to furnished theft a.

Expansion in deals for Merchant as they can take into account both money and card-conveying clients.

The burdens and difficulties of possessing a POS business in Nigeria are:

Theft assaults. On account of the idea of this business (manages cash) it can draw in burglars and lawbreakers to the venture. Since you can’t recruit a safety officer for this business. You’ll should be very security careful and play it safe with how you move and hold cash.

Around here you can experience issues with Banking Networks. So its significant that whatever POS specialist administration you choose to work with , that they have dependable organization administrations. Certain individuals battle this by having up to three distinct POS machines.

Due to the sporadic force supply in the country, its essential to ensure your POS machines) are constantly charged.